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Ulu News: Support Sites and Ref Sheets


18 August 2019 at 16:12:39 MDT

Visit the site Here: https://ulurifox.wixsite.com/uluri

I have discovered that Paypal offers a few helpful buttons, and with that I am going to use their subscribe button to help replace Patreon a tad, or at least offer some folks a way to support my artwork in a way other than patreon and still get the exact same content you would (and more).

With that, it has spurred me to revive my site so that I can actually use the darn button for you guys. I revamped the homepage and have begun adding in my Character Reference pages. As of posting this I have only updated my Main OCs (minus Blizzard and Trace).

Eventually I will be relocating my Commission sheet onto this site as well in order to keep things consistent and also.... To make it look nice. I hate the page breaks in google docs. I wish I could turn them off for viewers but noooo, its user side only.

Submission Information

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    I hope this new way works out for you! :)

    You know, I noticed that “modern technology” acts different in different sources. Like I write and post fan-fiction on AO3, I used to be able to drag-and-drop from a Word document to the Rich Text box on the site......but now with my new Windows 10 laptop, I can’t do it anymore. I’m forced to use CTL+ keys and I do not know them all. There should be a way to keep document consistency for all users.......

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      Hope that it works out, too. I know that there are people who really dont like supporting artists through patreon, and in all honesty using patreon as an artist (especially furry artist) is like walking on eggshells wondering when they're gonna off ya anymore.

      Aw so win 10 took a convenience tool away? I think the only hotkeys I know are art tool hotkeys and the copyright symbol XD.

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        I remember that Patreon started out pretty good for most artists, but changes in rules and regulations made people look for alternatives (as I observe through journals of all the people I follow). It's not surprising, though. Everything starts off good and gets wrecked most of the time. I was just talking to a friend about Disney's upcoming streaming service........and while they're advertising how cheap they're going to be to all other services--you know that's only for a year or two before they take off and have tons of subscribers--and then they'll probably charge twice as much! Because Disney.........and owning Marvel and Star Wars and...........all that other exclusive stuff they own. Ya know. XD

        There are things I try to do in Win10 now and I'm like..............but WHHHHHHYYYYY??? When I can't do it anymore. I think I almost went into devastation mode when I tried to drag-and-drop and the thing gave me the BIG RED NO SIGN (circle with a line through it). But it's not just using the CTL+ keys, I actually have to put my Word document into WEB VIEW as well. WHAT THE HECK, GUYS??? At least I can change my document back once I put the copy onto AO3, for personal use (reading web view makes my eyes hurt), but still. Something that was one step before suddenly became 3 steps. @_@ IN WHAT WAY IS WINDOWS 10 MORE CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE?! XD

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          Yeah, it was relatively flexible in the begining, different creators were once all treated the same, but currently I know a lot of Furry NSFW artists randomly get nuked. My own account is 18+ locked for Gore???? Every one or two years they've changed how they handle money, even though onetime they rolled it back because it was an absolutely retarded idea that one time. They changed their layout again this year related to money and now have "Premium accounts".

          Man Disney and all those places pulling their content for exclusivity. It's a heck of a pain as is, but yeah it'd be a "good business tactic" to get people hooked first before flipping the price switch. It's nasty.

          I never knew much about convenience buttons and such, so I cna't express the same sorrow, but I can at least understand the sorrow of losing convenience on devices or sites. Why on earth the back peddling with tools and such?

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            I wonder if the adult artists get nuked because of something like how PayPal frowns upon it. Ah, “Premium Accounts”—you always have to be wary when they start doing things like that. I remember the brouhaha when IMVU took over FA and the mass panic at how they are non-adult and FA’s adult content might wind up behind a paywall. I never heard anyone tell me they did it, but I remember a whole lot of people panicked about it!

            There are so many companies trying to pull together “exclusive” streaming content......pretty soon streaming services will become cable television and likely just as pricey! :/

            I love how they tout “its easier” when it’s 5 steps longer. I’ll admit, I’m old and prefer a good old-fashioned dropdown menu and not “app icons”! XD

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              If you make Adult Art, they make Patreon SUpporters pay with a card instead of paypal. You can still intake into your paypal, though.

              Absolutely nothing Changed rules wise with the IMVU takeover. The literal only thing that changed was that FA stayed online for an Entire 3 years without any unplanned downtime. IMVU basically left the site completely untouched by them, and simply funds it. It also goes offline very very rarely aside from this year's few here and there. Although all artsites have been having a lot of trouble this year. Sofurry felt like it was offline more than online this year. DeviantARt has been going down a lot this year. Inkbunny was down due to that really hot weather this year for just a day and a half.

              Streaming Content currently is like that already. There's netflix, hulu, disney, Amazon.... Cartoon network likes keeping its shows on its site, but I also think you can watch those for free as long as you have an account (So CN would be in the area of CRunchyroll and Funimation on that)

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                I admit, I'm fairly innocent of money online, I use my credit card to buy from Amazon pretty much--or plane tickets when I need to travel (airlines literally never let you call them to book anymore, you're told to go to their site). But I'm glad there are adaptive traits to the weird ways of money online.

                I left FA like a couple of months after the IMVU buyout was finalized. I remember the massive drama leading up to the finalization and it didn't feel anything had changed before I left. But I only know what happens afterwards from people who'd post journals here or whatnot. (Usually only coming here when FA breaks down, of course........... XD)

                I think in the end, every major cable network will have their own streaming service. It makes me glad I quit t.v.! chuckle I watch things when they're out on DVD, if I'm interested, and if they don't come out on DVD I live without them. :) Lately, I've been more into retro-television.............stuff I grew up with in the 80's or stuff that replayed on t.v. in the 80's that I remember (Star Trek, Get Smart, etc.) and have seen very little "new" things, except a few movies. XD