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My Artsites by Uluri

My Artsites


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Feel free to suggest tags/Keywords to my artwork. It is very much appreciated!

Weasyl :
Weasyl is an All Rounder artsite. You will be able to find ALL my content on this site, and it also offers a tag blacklist filter so if all my content isn't up your alley, you can block certain specific ones and never have to see them. I main this site meaning that I offer commissions through this site, Journals will be updated, and I actively reply on this site. It is honestly my prefered for how many features the site has. It's just a tad small community at the moment. Feel free to help the site grow by joining, posting your own work, and commenting/discussing random things. Maybe share the site around as well.

DeviantArt :
DeviantArt is an All Rounder Website. You can find Most of my content here (due to Maturity rating only going up to Sexy). This is a Mainsite for me, Offering commissions, posting journals, and actively commenting. I even offer point commissions as well for those who use points. Note that DA is going through a layout change eventually. It's currently got half a blacklist so you still can't filter my gore, but it at least filters the browse function. Hopefully they extend it to gallery/notifs when they release it to everyone.

FurAffinity :
FurAffinity is Actually an All-rounder artsite (human allowed as well). Although I'm sharing these links because FA went down recently, I also know that a lot of people are looking for sites to replace DA. FA is a good site for people who make Commissions. This is a Main site of mine, and you can find all the content I make just like on Weasyl. There are no filters on this site other than changing viewing ratings from NSFW to SFW, so be warned as I post Guro/Gore on here.

I am on a number of other artsites as Uluri, but I am not linking them since they either host only some of my content, or are not a platform I enjoy posting on. I post to the ones I'm listing, but remember that not all content is available on them: Inkbunny, Sofurry, FurryAmino, Newgrounds, FurryNetwork, (Twitter is Ulurifox).

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