Cranky SKetch by Uluri

Cranky SKetch


11 July 2019 at 12:45:59 MDT

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Uluri © Uluri Uluri

1) What do you think you're doing touching my fluff so casually?
I was quite cranky this day I made this. It was about some folks not tagging their art on a place that had a blacklist filter. It was one of fetish themes that I find very disturbing and unsettling, but even more so one of those themes that the basic form of isn't a fetish at all. TuT The basic form was tagged (which is literally a normal art theme), but the fetish itself, the actual theme of the art wasn't tagged.

2 & 3) I don't kidnap, I storage. I have a nice little space to keep everyone I want close to me. Safe. Yes.
Conversation with kaitoucat Also in reference to this type of storage:

4) Mennacing Confirmation that People are allowed to hurt Sin.
but no one ever does. <u< Although i as well haven't yet drawn the occassions where he's been hurt yet either. there's a good few bad days he's had that I never drew before. One scene I want to draw but can't get the Dynamics right. But the rest I have no excuse to have not drawn.

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    They protec, but they also attac! >:3

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    I like the fierce expression. :)