Welcome to Averlin by Uluri

Welcome to Averlin


31 March 2019 at 07:41:55 MDT

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Uluri © Uluri

My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Uluri
Created a image for any minecraft videos I'm going to make. I'm planning on recording the adventures that Take Place in my Minecraft Realm, and I'm really excited. I'll launch it once the 1.14 update happens for minecraft java. I can't wait to get started with this because I've been really trying to make the world really fun for everyone figuring out how to make stuff happen. I'm keeping shhh about it until we actually get to play! 

That be my Minecraft Skin, in the background a roofed forest where i will live, and a birch forest where Kaioku will be living. Elflord's also going to live in a nearby mountain biome, too. I picked out a really nice world seed that has most biomes within 2,000 blocks. Spawn Town is named after a town in one of my favorite games, and I hope that everyone in the realm will really have some fun. 

LIBRARY: https://www.weasyl.com/~uluri/submissions/1714193/short-stories-wanted-for-minecraft-library
I build a Library, and would like to fill it with Actual Stories if Interested.


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    OK, so this is actually super awesome. I love the combination of this art style and the Minecraft visuals. I can tell that it's Minecraft, but it looks so unique and soft.

    I'm actually pretty hyped for 1.14 myself--a friend and I have had a server running for the past six or so years, so it's always great to get some new content! The last update, man... so many aquariums, and I have been abusing the hell out of spruce trapdoors as window shutters. Now they're gonna give me stairs and slabs to build with... I just gotta learn to stop building like it's Alpha and making all my rooms 5x5 so torches in the corners can effectively light the whole room!

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      I am so excited for all the stairs and slabs. I'm still debating how to make my roads out of now. There are so many great slabs now.

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        I've wanted more stairs and slabs for ages. Polished granite is my go-to accent block and I'd love to be able to tile floors with it while preventing mobs from spawning. I'm actually super hyped for the lanterns, too. It's funny how they're adding all this new stuff, new mobs and crossbows and stuff and I'm like "this is the Lantern Update".

        For roads, I usually go with stone or light grey terracotta since they're blocks we have more than enough of on the server and they look like pavement, or gravel for more rural settings. I'm thinking that andesite slabs will be nice for making dark, spooky caves with no scary monsters spawning in them since andesite seems to look similar enough to default stone, especially in the dark (have you noticed that I think the monsters are super annoying when I just want to build castles 'n stuff?)

        So it turns out I'm a massive Minecraft dork. Been playing since Alpha. Best twenty-some dollars I ever spent was that game.

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          oh my gosh, the lantuurns are such a great block. I'm so happy they made lanturns. I'm also really excited for the Wall block, too, because that one is a good one for building accents (And they finally have brick wall. Took them forever).

          For roads I always had a single path lined with stone brick. I liked the path's indent and the colors matched well between the path and stone brick. Paths also make things non-spawnable, so I always combined it with that. I think this time around since Lamps are now a thing I can use an extra layer with walls holding the lanturns down the entire paths to make it nicer looking than torches slapped on the ground. I'm a builder, too! I find survival more fun to have the monsters even if they can be a tad anoiying. AH but I learned how to turn just Creeper Boom booms off because Creepers suck. All they do is pop. :D

          Man, I love minecraft, I do believe I started playing shortly after the hunger update? It's the best game ever. I like vanilla, mods are awesome, and even if the basic minecraft isn't what I wanna play you can literally turn minecraft into any other game with mods. It's nuts.

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            I forgot all about the walls! Those are gonna be so fun to experiment with.

            Right, the grass path. I use that quite often for things like courtyards, but I haven't actually given much thought to how to accent them. Stone bricks sound like a great choice, actually. I love it when the simple and common blocks are so versatile. I also like doing roads out of bottom slabs of stone bricks or cobblestone, with stairs as "curbs". And, now that slabs and stairs can be waterlogged, I've been having fun making sewers under some of my larger builds with just enough standing water to add that extra atmosphere.

            The monsters get annoying but Peaceful mode is just so boring. I need some sort of threat, something to build defenses against and take precautions against. I just get annoyed when I'm working in my workshop, and from upstairs I hear it.
            "Bruhhhhhh... rawr! Bruhhhhhhh..."
            And then I gotta run around the whole place trying to find the ONE zombie that spawned in the middle of the room that's not properly lit. But dealing with that is one of the fun challenges of building. Do I make some sort of centerpiece for the room with lighting? Or make ceiling lights? Carpets or bottom slabs to prevent spawns altogether? Mostly I build mid-sized castles, or small fortresses or strongholds consisting of a few buildings and an exterior wall. Then I expand the hell out of my sites. Then I get bored and start all over again somewhere else. My current favorite biomes are the snowy ones, after I learned that snow layers can prevent spawns if they are stacked 2-7 layers high, making it possible to create quiet, mob-proofed zones without spamming torches or other spawn-blocking blocks and retaining a natural appearance.

            Caving is one of the activities in the game that still gives me anxiety, even after all these years, even with heavily enchanted gear to defend myself with and a Totem Of Undying in my off hand... all it takes is one wrong step to fall into a pit full of bad guys, or get hopelessly lost.

            I play on a friend's server, mostly vanilla, aside from some data packs for custom crafting recipes (mostly basic stuff like strings into cobwebs, stone slabs into smooth stone blocks, and reverting nether wart blocks back to 9 wart items) and MCMMO. I feel that one is a must-have since it makes the grinding that sometimes comes into the game more rewarding. Oh, and mob griefing and fire spread OFF.