Anon Dragon: Sims by Uluri

Anon Dragon: Sims


23 February 2019 at 06:07:38 MST

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Uluri © Uluri
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When I play the Sims, I spend a Week replacing every living being in there with my Characters and sometimes pokemon characters. And it is an absolute mess when I release them unto the world. One time, I had a super sciency character, but he was constantly blown up for some reason whenever I mannaged to come across him. 

I made Sin and Efret one time, and it was really weird how that went down. They both ended up going after the same girl which became a problem all the time. Also Efret would follow Sin around the house, sleep in his bed with him, and even in the winter when Sin made an igloo to sleep in, Efret up and burrowed his way in there too. Talk about smothering. It seems somehow Efret ended up being a rather emotionally unstable Sims, too. I don't even know. He was more of a handful than any of them.

My Uluri wasn't very interesting, although I think I can make a better one this time around. (I play Sims 3). 

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