Left Hand Series: Join Me in Minecraft by Uluri

Left Hand Series: Join Me in Minecraft


1 December 2018 at 07:41:22 MST

I super want to be able to play Minecraft with two of my friends who don't yet have it. They're the last two so far I haven't been able to invite onto my minecraft realm (java) because they don't have the minecrafts. Makes me super sad because these are the two who have moved away and I can't really hang out with them irl much.

Anyways, This be my next Left hand Piece. I'm starting to get better at line work. Feet are looking more like feet. My laineart is getting less wiggly as I go which is really neat. Curved areas are still rather difficult to do like the arms and the tail, and Leg Knee areas. The tails were all uncontrolled accidents that ended up well.

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