Left Hand Series: Puppies Bark by Uluri

Left Hand Series: Puppies Bark


28 November 2018 at 08:32:37 MST

Drawn with Non-Dominant Hand

For some reason I thought that Liluth would put a Harness on Sin while he's sleeping and tell Zozo to play Doggy with him so that Liluth could laugh at the humiliation.

Sin wakes up to find himself in a harness, the collar on it reads "Bad Girl", and an excited Zozo holding a leash awaits at the end of the bed, "My puppy's awake!" From the other room we see Liluth silhouetted with an evil grin creasing her face chuckling to herself. Sin stutters in confusion, "What? Who did this-" quickly to be interrupted "No, puppies bark!" He looks in disbelief at this harassment. Zozo sways the leash a little making the tag on it jingle and looks at him in anticipation. Sin's face visibly shows both the cringe and embarrassment he feels right now.

/I'm going to kill whoever did this./

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