Eevee Kingdom Character Contest by Uluri

Eevee Kingdom Character Contest


18 September 2018 at 08:21:06 MDT

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We have a mini Contest open to create a New Character for The Kingdom! Our new friend will be another Leafeon, but one who is a distant relative to the Leafeon we know, a Beta Leafeon. And look, because on the Leafeon chart when we named all our mascots, we'll be using the name Kiwi because it tied during naming. Oh! I do hope that we can all get along with our new friend!

At the top is an image of the Beta Leafeon Sprite, and various colorations of the sprite. It is up to you to create an original Beta Leafeon Character for the group to use. If you are curious as to what this Beta Leafeon is, a few months ago the Beta Gold and Silver games had their pokedex's leeked and it revealed a large amount of "Pokemon that could have been". You can check them all out here. bayleef got one heck of a make over!:

Name: Kiwi
Species: Beta Leafeon
Type: Grass type
Gender: -- you decide --
Personality (Optional): --Pick 3 describing words-- (Example descriptor word: Bold)
Job: Herbalist, Kiwi can sometimes be found in the Aroma forest gathering medicinal Herbs to bring back to Miss Lucia to use in Lucia's medicines.


  • Keep the character's Job in mind
  • Artwork must be created by you (No Collaging artwork, Tracing, or Bases should be used)
  • Character must be of the Species Beta Leafeon
  • The 1st Place character will become the group's new Character Mascot.
  • All other character places are free to do whatever they want with what they create.

Prize for First

  • That character now becomes the Newest Mascot for The-eevee-kingdom
  • Headshot sketch by Uluri
  • Art by CrazyInfin8 on DA
  • (((Feel Free to contribute Prizes)))

Contest Ends September 30

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