(A.T.) Happy place! by Ultron 4 (critique requested)

(A.T.) Happy place! (critique requested)

Ultron 4

23 November 2018 at 20:01:12 MST

My behalf of an Art trade for Scaled04
The background is supposed to be one of the areas of that 1 Big idea I mentioned it's called Mushroom gordge Zone.
I also attempt to make Some Mushrooms as if to look like that are glowing which the glowing ones are technically poisonus in my case, it can be deadly for MOST dragons when consumed

I also attempt to draw a Dragon fruit tree... I made it a bust a little bit that's okay

Zavier is © Scaled04 art is © ME!

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    This looks awesome! I love the pose!

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    :OOOOO eeek i gotta do my half! the drawings i did in my journal, got all ruined :( i spilled milk on it heh and i didn't know til 5 days later, so it stunk soo bad like dead bodies or something, so i had to throw it away :L and i lost a bit of drawings in there, anyways, i'll get it done, also weasyl got blocked on my chromebook so i can only go on every so often~ eek i say eeeek way too much 0-0

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      Oh wow...
      Hey I too have a chrome book at my house that's cool
      And also why was Weasyl blocked?

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    also awesome drawing!!! aaa and i am so sorry for the late reply :z