Heads up Ultra.EXE (Remake) by Ultron 4

Heads up Ultra.EXE (Remake)

Ultron 4

22 August 2018 at 16:41:49 MDT

Hi guys Ultra here I am now Remaking Ultra.EXE Now I know what U r thinking. "Oh Ultra that's awesome!!!", "THATS nice" but actually This picture............ U might Hate me πŸ˜₯.......... I MIGHT Make this as a CreepyPasta 😬......
Why??? Because I am developing a Creepy (Not so much πŸ˜‘... UNLESS IT BECOMES AN URBAN LEGEND😲) Backstory for it. On here and deviantart It will be titled I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, So yea. It Just so happens that i made up one part. "If you stare at Ultra.EXE for no more than 10 Seconds and if you blink, Or Yet close your eyes you will see an Infared image of Ultra with all 5 eyes OPENED And you probably Die from that, so yea

YOU will see more of this character Soon... Stay Tuned πŸ˜‰

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    Ooh! can I draw them? they look really cool!!!

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      Well go aheadπŸ‘Œ Be My Guest πŸ‘

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        THX! I dunno why but I love drawing character with multiple eyes!

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          Heh kinda like ur character Hades

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            thanks! I made him on accident! lol!!
            I was just practicing character design stuff and was gonna give 'em away as an adopt but I got attached to him!