DodgeBall by Ultron 4


Ultron 4

10 August 2018 at 19:21:40 MDT

HOO WEE! This morning at school at P.E. we played some DodgeBall and I had a BLAST. It was the best day of P.E. ever! Ultra is targeting Lugiasaurus and Lance is targeting Heather while Heather targets Ultra and Lugiasaurus targets Lance

2 additional characters: Heather the half corrupted Hedgehog, and Lugiasaurus. Both are old characters that I haven't drawn in a while


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    I love playing dodgeball! I suck at it though!! But it's fun!

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      It really is fun btw i finally discovered to throw faster and and when you throw it really hard I looks like it's flying through the air lol

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    You guys will see more of these characters Heather and Lugiasaurus soon