Classic Ultra by Ultron 4

Classic Ultra

Ultron 4

22 July 2018 at 08:03:39 MDT

This is a picture of when Ultra Was a recolor...(Go ahead make fun of me 😒)

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    Not gonna make fun of you because I used to have a recolor oc too!!

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    anyone who makes fun of people with recolors as ocs have no understanding of how the creative process develops in the first place.

    everyone has a starting point with characters. obviously when you're just beginning, you're not going to make something hyperrealistic, but it doesn't matter. it's your character. it's you. and the most important part is to have fun with it. character design can be really difficult, and what's the easiest way for a newcomer to make a new character? take one that already exists as a baseline and twist it a little, in the way they want to.

    and then, over time, you naturally gain more knowledge of what makes a character more realistic as you are exposed to others' characters and other works of fiction, design elements you'd like to incorporate in new characters, yadda yadda, and apply it however you see fit. that's how your creative process evolves. it's the experience.

    but shooting someone down right when they just start on this journey destroys confidence and self esteem. it makes people afraid that what they're doing is "cringy". that's not how you improve. you cannot grow your skills in an environment that is hostile towards error. if someone wants polite constructive criticism on their character, that's the way to go about it! not attack them! this is what makes cringe culture so dangerous. it cripples young artists before they can even step out of the door.

    from seeing your art a while, i can tell you've definitely expanded your skills with characters, and it's always cool to see an old character get a new face. never be afraid or ashamed of it. your art and characters are uniquely you. anyone who says otherwise will get a sternly worded letter from me that is ten times the length as this.

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      I strongly agree to this

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        I mean it's just that Drew Ultra at school too and one of my former friends always made fun of me about how unoriginal it looks and how it looks like sonic and stuff and claims that "it's a joke" so I'm sorry guys I'm just selfcouncous it's apart of my personality

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          What kind of friends are those if they are going to make fun of you?

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            I know right... I stopped being friends with that asshole that made fun of Ultra because he was just a flat out Dickhead and a bully

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      DANG 😮

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    If someone makes fun of you they have me to deal with

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      And it's a good thing I wrote that journal too for people who are internet trolls