Easter greeting by Ukuli

Easter greeting


2 April 2017 at 15:52:28 MDT

First of all, sorry I cannot take better photo of this. I tried.
Little something I sew last week ( im already living in monday ) a bit after image and pattern from craft magazine. Ihanat (kevät ) askartelut 2015. ( Most beautiful crafts ) Nope, didn't look instructions. x''D Magazine's version was made of bed cover thingy what that is called in English. I didn't have one so I made it from patches from left overs instead, filled it with sheet of filling that I took few years ago from cover from sofa that I put into bits and pieces. ( The cover, not the sofa. x'D I did took one sofa into bits and pieces with mom last month btw but it's different story. ) . I should have added some ribbons on the eggs but forgot. :P

Materials to this decoration are almost all recycled goods except ribbons in tail feathers and back fabric.

Anyway. Happy Easter.

Also, there seems to be some technical problems that weasyl doesn't let it fixed one be posted so.... sideways it is and sideways it stays.

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