Where did you find those? by Ukuli

Where did you find those?


26 March 2016 at 16:15:23 MDT

Another oldie. Scenery practice and it was fun to do.

"..aren't they a bit too difficult to understand?"
"No... not really."

Piyti ja Kanly are my ocs, sisters

Made from all this:
Furries Melody by Capsces ( customized by me )
Araxie ( eyes ) by Psydream
Lynx boots by DAZ 3D, cwshorty, Dave71, Kandace Wright
Short pants with custom texture + tube top by EvilInnocence
Swat vest + hair + gloves by Traveler
Belts by ADZ
Djinni hair by Eldrich, blond texture by Arien
Pose by Wyrdwing
Blythe ( eyes ) by _A
Monkey tail for V4 by Pipin
Butterbumplers by Adzan
PookieBear by Mada
Bed, rug, mirror, Maddie 3, Preschooler pose, lights by Daz3D
Feeling Sick Cold stuff by Daz3D, Cimerone
Every day Groseries by maclean
O-gee by Antfarm
Diner food 1 +4 by Daz3D, Blondie9999
File it away, Sweet Dreams by DAZ 3D, ARTCollaborations
DM wall, barrels by Daniel, Maforno
Poster, morphing vase by Trekkiegirrrl

Screenthot in a poster Biker Mice from Mars belongs to Brentwood Funnies Co
Bed duvet and short pants textures my own

Daz Studio 4.6 Pro
Alternative angles here http://bmfmfanartsbyuku.blogspot.fi.....ysit-2014.html

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