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3D render amateur artist. Sometimes I might surprise and post some traditional doodles. Biker Mice from Mars and Predator are my biggest fandoms. I like reading, computer games, crafting.
I do like being alone or with people who are as odd as I am.

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Got featured

I could tell about being unemployed and getting job… or how good game Warframe is but I am more hyped about getting weekly feature at Renderosity. :’’3

Feature post here

Sorry. I am so happy and hyped because I dont think I have yet ever been featured. -So that I would know about it or that I had been noted about it. x''D

Also… I finally grabbed myself by the neck and uploaded stuff on Daz. Unfortunally it’s nothing new that you haven’t already seen somewhere in my other galleries by now. And got somewhat commission price list scribled down.

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3D render, character creation

3D render, character creation
€ 50.00

I do not do 3D modelling. I customize, morph and render and I do postwork. In some cases lot of postwork. Next statement sounds so snobby but bare with me because I just want to make point clear. I have legal right to use 3d content that I have to make commercial works and I wont use any 3d content who’s vendors have probited commericial use. Also. All content is legal and legally bought.

My galleries here on weasyl, deviantart, furaffinity and renderosity and instagram provide some good examples of what I can do. My speciality is on character creating. Bases and available morphs do set their limits, as well as my skills. I do not take any requests that requite digital drawing or draditional drawing. I do doodling randomly but for my own fun and pleasure, sorry.

Prices depend highly on materials and time I use. Stuff I use isn’t cheap in case you wonder. If I need to make custom textures for character or clothing that also chomps my time. What you see in my gallery, you can expect to get similar quality with your comission. Work in progress shots are included to everything. Everything will also be watermark and/or signatured. Work in progress are for customer’s eyes only and I prefer that they are not to be published anywhere. Ever.

I would like to set time from week to month depending on what all commission takes and what fixes needs to be done etc.


  • Payments EUR via Paypal
  • Payment must be done after request is being taken in and all details have been discussed and agreed.
  • If you just sent money but no details it’s your loss. Dont sent me money before hand or before I have agreed to take commission in. I can say no, so keep that in mind.

Read with care:

  • Provide me good refence image or/description. You dont need to be expert in English language. By giving me too much freedom on deadline or providing me poor description it wont help at all. For love of any known god… do not change your mind all the time. -I agree to do only that what I have agreed to done at the beginning when customer provides information about the commission. -Keep in mind that I can say no. When and if I say no I mean it and deal with it. Reasons for me to say no vary from do I have time or interest or am I even able to do stuff asked. -Even if I do image for you and it has your character(s), i own the picture itself because i am the one who made it, therefore you may not sell or alter it any part of it in any shape or form but you may share it anywhere you like -I will post small image on my gallery giving nesessary credits.

Fullbody and potraits:
Custom character as close as reference pic or description as possible. I really do expect to get good reference and drescription for your own sake and mind.

This is what you’ll get:

  • one custom morphed character dressed
  • posed (optional )
  • simple background ( optional )
  • any angle shots ( optional, max 3 ) -work in progress shots from front, back and side as work in progress screenshots.

Extra costs:

  • additional background(s max 2 ) + 10€
  • realistic background scene +15 €
  • change of character’s clothes + 15 €/clothes
  • character sheet + 10 €
  • character in simple scene +20 € simple or realistic background max 3 props for example weapon, chair etc… ( everything that isn’t character or clothing counts as prop )

With one well done creation it’s possible to get fullbody, potraits, headshots and avatar because it all goes with same take if it’s same pose used in all pics. It’s also possible to compose character sheet from turn around images. So if customer wants character reference sheet, they better say it and provide correct bio. As well as customer better say if they don’t want some of the images provided in this pack though it wont effect on price.

Another character = another commission
Why? I will have to start morphing that another character all from scratch that’s why.

Won’t do, don’t even ask list:

  • naruto and naruto related OCs
  • pokemon/digimon/MLP - even as humans
  • transformers - i would but can’t do, sorry.
  • disney
  • shota/loli
  • bara
  • superheroes
  • celebrities
  • guro - most of it is just too creepy and perver so NO
  • fetish stuff - it’s no go and because it's freaking weird -any suggestion that I find repulsive, annoying, trolling or waste of my time and efforts...
  • animations
  • remove my signature/watermark from my artwork



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    you're quite welcome ^^

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      Thank you.

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    Ahh. :)

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      • nods *
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    Thank you. And you're welcome. Out of curiosity which things are familiar? I've often wondered who uses them and for what.

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      Anytime. The rayguns. >8D

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    Your work is very good. I'm impressed. I have not actually done alot of 3d art in a long time now in favor of crafting. Perhaps I should resume it.

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      Thank you. That is why I keep on going and do what I do. x) Yes, I recommend it. x)
      Btw I was just browsing your Sharecg gallery. Saw few things that are really familiar. >83 Very cool stuff. >83