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Mahou Prism Duo by Uberwulf

Mahou Prism Duo

Mahou Prism Duo


11 October 2014 at 19:20:26 MDT

Mahou Prism Fusion was a commission from someone I’ve known for a few years, and the latest commission I’m working on is from him as well. It’s one that I completed, decided I actually didn’t like, and started reworking. That completed rework will probably be the next SoT post, assuming he likes what’s there.

As I was rendering this for the sake of listening to whenever I wanted to, I realized that there are things in this thing that I love, but things I hate. Things like the song sounding so thin and naked, partially because of the instruments I was asked to use. So since I like the dude and he’s a frequent enough customer when it comes to music and graphics, I’m reworking this one with current style and currently preferred instruments.

First is the original, the rework Mahou Prism Fusion (Degradation Mix) starts at 2:13. Still working on volumes with instrument switching, namely brass being loud and strings being too low, and it’s just a WIP but I like where it’s going so I’m going to see about finishing this by the end of next week. Standard disclaimers apply.

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