W.I.P. One Piece Horoscope: Capricorn take II by Tzologeist

W.I.P. One Piece Horoscope: Capricorn take II


30 May 2014 at 16:51:14 MDT

With very few exceptions I do all of my art work like this. I draw it in pencil, ink it with microns, then clean it up and color it in Photoshop. This one was no exception, but with this one I did the cleaning up and coloring in half photoshop and half Sai. Some of the tools work better in Photoshop, and others work better in Sai, so I switched back and forth on these during this drawing. Over all I still really lack confidence in drawing human characters, and in the event when I am drawing other people's human characters, I am even less confident, with pretty much all of the One Piece characters I have been drawing, erasing, re-drawing, erasing, rinse and repeat until I break my brain and throw myself out of a window. I then wanted to test out how this chart is going to look when it's posted all together. I was just playing around with one of the finished art pieces and very quickly noticed that this is actually going to be a lot more work than I thought.

I may have to rethink it. If I make it into one long chart, the file is going to be way too big, I don't mind the idea of people scrolling, that's what I expect it to be like when it's done, but I wonder if any of the sites I post to will handle such a large piece of art work without making it look terrible.

But I quit my experiment early because I got sleepy. Will attempt again maybe this weekend.

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