W.I.P. One Piece Horoscope: Virgo by Tzologeist

W.I.P. One Piece Horoscope: Virgo


5 May 2014 at 16:34:08 MDT

Yeah, I am still working on this thing, I just took a really long break from it. Last week I was working and proofing jobs when I came across a ad my graphic’s designer placed in the back of one of our publications. Sometimes people allow us to put an ad for our shop in their programs and stuff for a getting a discount on their print job. In this case my graphic’s person used a really old piece of art I did in 04, and I don’t really mind them using that art, but my graphic’s guy also colored it in, and he’s really spectacularly BAD at it, it looked terrible, too many dark non contrasting colors, weird colors in general. I asked him to replace it with something I did more recently and that I colored in. However, when I originally did that little piece of art I drew in a banner and on it it says “serving all of Tallahassee, except Virgos” it was supposed to be funny, yanno, like when shops discriminate and how stupid that is, well, that was the joke, but I didn’t mean for it to STAY in anything actually printed, and when another graphic artist saw it, they just ignored it and allowed me to make a proof with the “except for Virgos” still in it. He said he thought it must be part of it. I would think that I wouldn’t have to tell someone to remove the obvious joke from an ad. Keep in mind it would have been extremely easy to do this edit. It was totally at random, too, I could have just as easily picked on some other horoscope sign, like Leos or Scorpios. Anyway, this is a work in progress, and when I have finished all of the signs I am putting them all together and then proceed to insult every person on earth, I mean, how I could I resist that kind of opportunity.

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