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[PE] Patron Halloween Party Teaser by Tygerwolfe

[PE] Patron Halloween Party Teaser


All of my patrons are getting to be part of a huge Halloween Costume Party image for the months of September & October, and each one gets an icon of their finished pieces of the picture. I choose what to portray them as (usually based on username, email address, or just something i know about them if I know them personally), but each of my Patrons get to choose their own costume. A Cup Of Conure chose a dinosaur as their costume when I told them I was portraying them as an anthropomorphic Conure.

The two linearts are Eric/Scribe Of Bahamut as a black dragon dressed as the 1990s green Power Ranger, and Enya S., as a World of Warcraft Owlcat dressed as a Demon Hunter/Illidan.

The Halloween Party image wont be put together until the end of October, but I'm trying to get the icons done as quickly as possible so that new Patrons will have time to get back to me about their own costumes. But ALL of my patrons get something - even at just $5 a month. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

I'm also open for commissions, in case you decide to go with that - though Patrons do get a 10% discount on commissions!!

Art & Ideas (c) Tygerwolfe Designs
Characters (c) Brushfeather Artistic Creations/A Cup of Conure, Eric C./Scribe Of Bahamut, & Enya S.

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