[PE] To The Third Power Chapter 3 Excerpt by Tygerwolfe

Darren blinked into the darkness of the room, and closed the door behind him. “Hey. I thought I saw you come in here.” He came over and sat on the edge of the teacher's desk beside her. “Hiding from your adoring public?”

She laughed. “No. Just needed to be alone for a little bit.” She looked at him, stressing the word “alone.” He didn't get the hint.

“Yeah, I get that. So... do you sneak around school in the dark often?” He slid closer to her. She slid closer to the edge of the desk.

“No. I really just wanted to be alone, Darren.”

“Come on... why would you ever want to be alone?” His eyes lit up in the dim light that filtered in through the window blinds from the football field's floodlights. “Unless you didn't want to be ALONE...” He slid closer to her again. Their thighs touched.

Lainie stiffened – she was on the edge of the desk. “Darren, I want to be alone. Please go away.” Maybe he spoke “blunt.” No, no, he isn't getting it, she thought as his beefy hand rested on her thigh. Suddenly she was painfully aware of her spaghetti strap top, her short skirt, and just how useless her sandals were going to be if she had to kick him. “Darren...”

Darren's eyes were dark, and his hand seemed to have a mind of its own. “Come on, Lainie,” he whispered, leaning closer to her. There was nowhere for her to lean, and his hand was now gripping her thigh painfully – she'd lost the ability to stand up. “You know you walked past me on the way in here on purpose... Your perfume, your hair, the way you shake your ass when you walk... How could I miss what you wanted? And now... I'm gonna give it to you.” He leaned in as if to kiss her.

[PE] To The Third Power Chapter 3 Excerpt


1 September 2016 at 14:23:49 MDT

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Lainie Shafir is having a bad day...

(Trigger Warning for this chapter: Molestation/Abuse)

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