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I have pretty much been drawing all my life, but it was not until September 2002 when I discovered that there were a whole bunch of people who enjoyed anthropomorphic art, and that is when I started to draw furries and established my cat fursona.

As my own fictional character, I live on the fictional planet of Xion Warbase! Although it is called a "warbase", there have not been any wars in recent years, and this planet has instead become a beautiful paradise where many different kinds of people live.

I run a photography studio there, where I mostly specialize in different types of glamour photos ranging from shy cheesecake girls to perverted (but tasteful) fetishes. While as the manager, I also do the camerawork and publishing myself, so I deal directly with all the female models~ And I love them all. =3

Favorite things to see on my models:
Tops and no bottoms
Shy-blushing cheeks
Natural not-artificial bodies

Weird fetishes: (For Adults Only!)
Girls in bondage (using various materials or gear!)
Full body suits with openings for bust or crotch
Condom on males
Girls on sybian

I also like to draw Pokémon!

For 99% of my drawings, I do all the character linearts on paper, THEN scan the linearts to do coloring in Corel. 99% of my backgrounds are also rendered from CGI in CorelDRAW, ranging from the basic gradient to more detailed vector drawings (which you can see examples of here! )

Plain porn or sex art is boring to me. It all looks so much the same and always plays out in predictable cliché ways. I am far more into sex jokes, perverted stuff that would make me want to see where the story is going to go. Which is why, if you ever see me drawing out an adult comic, the sex scene is probably not going to be more than one or two frames long, that would be too much wasted effort for me that would not add any value to the story.

While I hold on to my Christian faith, let me make it clear: I am NOT a judgmental church-goer, and the church in general makes me angry. I had assembled details of my beliefs and posted them here , hoping that I would not again be attacked for things I do not believe in.

Always on the lookout for single girls to have fun with! For a dinner date, or a movie, but never expecting the girl to put out in return! I want girls to be happy, not in my debt. =3

Additional Contact Information

Battle.Net Tag: Tydrian#1963 ( Frequent on StarCraft II and Diablo III )


Fur Affinity
Xion Warbase

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Diablo III Season 2 - Third Vault!

on 4 April 2015 at 13:07:29 MDT

I got lucky enough to find The Vault for the third time during Season 2! This time I got in while I was playing in Torment II difficulty, so I picked up 32 Million Gold this time! Also since I picked up over 5 million during the fight with the Baroness herself, I earned the "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" achievement! X3

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