Fursuiting in Istanbul pt 2: The great mosque by TychoAussie (critique requested)

Fursuiting in Istanbul pt 2: The great mosque (critique requested)


9 October 2015 at 08:23:14 MDT

This great monument was originally commissioned by Justinian, and completed in the 5th century as a Byzantine church. It served as a church until the 14th century when Constantiople fell to the ottoman empire. It was then converted into a mosque by the Sultan. Now it stands as a great museum of architecture containing elements of both Christianity and Islam .Today at the base of the mosque you can browse through ancient city shops and stalls, and the stall owners will call out to you, pleading for you to come and see their wares.

I played with Picasa a little bit as an experiment in color filtering and saturation. I hope you like it!

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    That is(was) the Church of The Holy Wisdom. Otherwise known as Higha Sophia. I always wanted to see that building and stand next to where the "Throne of the Caesars" one sat.

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      I have been investng my totally sleepless jetlagged night into reading about the history of this building. It's a pretty amazing building and was the premiere cathedral for the Eastern Roman empire.

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        It's viewed by the Orthodox Church in the same light that St. Peter's in Rome is to Catholics

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    Wish I was there with you!

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      Maybe next time, Pamii ! I am sure you would have likes this place