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Iron Artist 95: Twilight-Goddess by TwoFancyOwls

Iron Artist 95: Twilight-Goddess


Iron artist (bumped up to bronze artist) for Twilight-Goddes @ FA

Theme: Cute & sexy lingerie

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    Really nice work! And great to see you posting something here again :)

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    Oh. Oh my god. My birthday has come a day early. I was about to go to bed but I caught a glimpse of this in my inbox and flipped out! This is incredible and holy cow I can't express how much I adore this!! I need this printed and framed for my new apartment when I get one. It'll be the first thing on my walls. Thank you so so SO much for this. And all the effort you guys put in! You're both incredible, and I still can't believe I managed to nab a slot from you two! you made my year! <3 <3 !!

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      So glad you like it! We really appreciate your patience on this batch <3 We'd be happy to send you a print size file for it if you'd like :)

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    This picture really brings a smile to my face, very lovely work.

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    I love the extra pop of color that was added to this one.

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    Hot damn - this is just gorgeous, wow! There's just something about your style that seems so full and flowing - as if even though it's stylised 2D, it almost has this tangible quality to it.

    I absolutely love the touches of blue in this - and the way you've handled the transparency of the sheer material. Good lord, that hair! And tail! And just ALL the floof of this - what a gorgeous commission :D

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    Gah, this is just so cooool!