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Flats Trade - Star Chaser by TwilightSaint

Flats Trade - Star Chaser


21 March 2015 at 11:47:17 MDT

Flat Colours trade done for Neytirix of DeviantArt featuring her beautiful dragoness, Neytirix!

Neytirix is a really gorgeous character - her markings are really cool and unique! I love the glowing bands on her underside, and the ones on her wings make me think of lightning... I went crazy with the background effects and ended up making it a space scene or dream-like background, since her colours remind me a lot of nebulas and galaxies.

I am closed for trades indefinitely. Do not ask me.

Thanks, Neytirix! Hope you like!


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    wow.. those colors... <3

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      Thanks! <3

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        and i love how the wings spread out of the background, that is a pretty cool way of drawing it