Comish - Sunlit Stroll by TwilightSaint

Comish - Sunlit Stroll


31 January 2015 at 17:45:20 MST

Realistic shaded commission for RestrainedRaptor of FurAffinity, featuring himself as Sigma, (blue,) with his mate, Deiwea, (orange,) enjoying a stroll on the beach!

I actually did this piece before Christmas, but was asked not to post it until after Sigma showed it to Deiwea as a gift, and simply kept forgetting until now. Anyway! I really like the lighting on this one - really focused on showing the sunlight reflecting off of the sand onto the figures. And you guys know how I like to draw my raptors more leaning forward and feral-like, and these guys were drawn more anthro on request of the commissioner.

Background figures are from previous commissions that I've done - can you spot who is who?

Thanks, Sigma!


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    Simply Fantastic! OwO
    I like this realistic representation , especially the reduction of muscle I especially like ! Do you use this tutorial to help or got myself what ?

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      Thank you! No, I didn't use any tutorial or reference for this. It's just a combination of anatomy practice and figuring out how I want their raptor anatomy to translate into a more human-like form.

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        Very cool! This is super but you succeeded!
        I love the anatomy that you bring here ahead!
        With the anatomy may in itself sometimes very difficult and special !!

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