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Personal - Night Prowl by TwilightSaint

Personal - Night Prowl


And y'all thought that I was done with my personal pieces, eh? I actually did this one among my others last-last week before training began, but held off on posting it. A personal art run wouldn't be complete without my Sergal gal, Navy!

Gah, it's been too long since I've drawn this gal, let alone a Sergal! Though I don't draw them too often, I friggin' love Sergals. I love their cute faces and their wonky torsos.

Since Navy is kind of a mercenary, (does odd jobs, borderline crime, cage-fighting, etc,) I wanted to show her sneaking around, like she's in the middle of a night mission to go steal something, and she stepped out of the protection of the shadows, the moonlight glinting off her silky fur. She glances behind her to be sure that she's not being followed, and hurries on into the night.

I made her a bit more 'feral-looking' than most Sergals, mainly because I think of them a lot like cat-raptors...
I also tried another furring technique - less 'tufty' and more short and shiny. I think I like the 'tufty' technique better.

And I own a full fursuit of Navy as well, made by the wonderful :iconCalicoCougar: and :iconLadyShar: ! You should go check them out! :D

Thanks for looking! :)
Sergals (c) Mick39 - Navy (c) me.

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