Comish - An Offering Rejected by TwilightSaint

Comish - An Offering Rejected


8 March 2019 at 07:24:09 MST

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Epic Scene Commission for a client on FurAffinity featuring a deep-sea naga reigning terror on a tropical village!

Phew, definitely one of my more involved backgrounds to date! But it was a lot of fun and incorporated a lot of elements that I enjoyed working on. My favorite part is the wave, heh. I discovered a master artist who painted 'transluscent waves' a few months ago, and I was mesmerized and inspired to attempt to create a similar effect, (though I'll never be anywhere remotely near 'master' level and there's many issues with my sad attempt at this thing I call 'art.' Silly me, what a fool I am to think I'm an artist. I really should just stop embarrassing myself. Anything I attempt to 'create' is just garbage anyway. I like the foam.)

For the villagers themselves, the idea was to keep them simple and nondescript. I actually wanted to evoke feelings of cave paintings, with simple, angular proportions and a reddish hue. The point is, we're seeing the villagers through the naga's eyes. He's their lord, their resident sea god - they're of no more importance to him than to serve him and offer him food and jewels... And it would seem that their latest offering wasn't to his liking.

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