Comish - Above All Else by TwilightSaint

Comish - Above All Else


7 December 2018 at 11:34:43 MST

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Painted, Epic Scene Commission for a client featuring a dragon in a show of power!

Wooooo, first full-scale fully-Lineless piece in a hot minute! I love these pieces, but they are soooo much work and take a big chunk of time, haha. But they are always so worth it! I really pushed myself and tried a lot of different techniques on this piece, too, from utilizing a brand-new Painting coloring style for myself, as well as different ways to render the background features and details. At one point, the background looked entirely different, nowhere NEAR as spiffy as I wanted it to be, and I literally restarted it from the ground up. Very happy with that decision!

Environment is inspired from my travels to Hawaii, (specifically the Jurassic Park trails!) and mangrove-style, tropical rivers. I wanted to bring in more fantasy flair with some critters down below, leaning mountains, and arches! Arches make every background better, haha.

AH, and the Stairway to Heaven because, mark my words, I will do that climb before I die, ( military career, of course.) It's so beautiful, it pangs my soul. One of my few bucket-list items.

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