Comish - Wild and Free by TwilightSaint

Comish - Wild and Free


29 November 2017 at 17:56:49 MST

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Epic Scene Commission for BlueLeopard2000 on FurAffinity featuring Hiekka, the Dutch Angel Dragon! This piece in particular is the polished-up version of my latest YCH Auction Piece held on FurAffinity.

Ah, feels so good to do a big piece again! I've been busier than expected upon returning from deployment, so this was a treat to work on. Hiekka here is such a beautiful character, as well! I think she looks so pretty in this pose - elegant, but also physically strong and not one to be pushed around!

I definitely wanted to put a more fantastic spin on the more traditional 'majestic creature in an open field' type of theme, and went with more of a fantasy, Aether feel to the background! Since Dutch Angel Dragons don't normally spend much time in our earthly realm, Terra, I wanted to play off of that aspect of their lore and added some ridges in the background, leading to mountains, which ultimately turn into sky-high arches leading to higher realms and beyond~
And glowing buggies, because they are so cute. <3

Blowing leaves and some shifting shadows over the grass itself as well, to not only show texture but to suggest wind blowing and fast-moving clouds overhead as well.

And yus, every single feather on those wings individually lined, veined, and textured by hand, as always. Even the itty-bitty ones.

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    Another beautiful piece, with your usual attention to anatomical detail. Perfect for "wallpaper" use.