Personal - Sabotage Toony Badge by TwilightSaint

Personal - Sabotage Toony Badge


6 October 2017 at 14:40:57 MDT

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Gradient Shaded Toony-Style Badge of none other than Sabotage, the Lynx!

That's right, I'm the new owner of this party cat! <3 I actually adopted him quite some time ago, but wanted to wait a bit closer to the end of deployment, (and his subsequent fursuit photoshoot & dance debut with me as soon as I get back! Just a little bit longer to go now!) to reveal him as one of the newest members of the Squadron!

I'm sooo excited to give this guy a home! I love lynxes and bobcats, (ah, the tenacious bobcat~ ) and he has such a pretty design! I really wanted to show off his vibrant markings in this badge, contrasted with those striking yellow eyes! Even with his expression, he has those big ears piqued for when the DJ plays his song and it'll be his turn to shake those tail feathe-- I mean, bob tail on the dance floor! <3

-Weapons of Mass Construction: Ballpoint pen sketch - Adobe PS Elements
-Time Taken: ~45 minutes
-Soundtrack: Diplo 'Biggie Bounce'

-Artwork & Character (c) TwilightSaint-

Thanks for viewing!