Personal - Sniper's Toony Badge by TwilightSaint

Personal - Sniper's Toony Badge


15 September 2017 at 16:17:38 MDT

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Gradient Shaded Toony-Style Headshot Badge featuring none other than my Sniper, the Kestrel King himself!

How happy is Sniper when he sees a bag of Chex Mix? How happy, you ask? How about THIS HAPPY! This dragon birb could live off of the stuff, and he is essentially fueled by endless amounts of Chex Mix, (Bold, Cheddar, & Honey Nut, pls,) and trap music.

Ah, I'd be remiss on working on updated Badges for my Flock without including Sniper! This one was probably the most fun to work on thus far, (still have quite a few wingmen to go, hehe,) and it's definitely my favorite! I wanted to capture this Kestrel's sense of energy, optimistic disposition, but also intensity at once.

All I can say is, better off tossing him the bag of Chex Mix. The Kestrel King is not above completely tearing through pockets or even luggage to get to the stuff, bahaha.

-Art & Character (c) myself, TwilightSaint - Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited-

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