Sketch Comish - On A Dime by TwilightSaint

Sketch Comish - On A Dime


13 September 2017 at 10:44:21 MDT

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Digital Sketch Commission for InkBlitz over on FurAffinity featuring SwiftStorm, the Gryphoness, on the attack!

Aaaahhhh, I'm just thrilled with how this sketch turned out! So hella dynamic! I've been rewatching 'Planet Earth' I and II, and I've been hella inspired by it. This gal's pose in particular was inspired by big cats and how they jump - it's incredible how they can flip and turn their powerful bodies and change angles on a dime, all done midair!

And, as always, heh, I went wiiiild on those wings. :>

Thanks, InkBlitz!


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    awesome pose, it's easy to feel the movement in this +o+