Personal - Psychesergal by TwilightSaint

Personal - Psychesergal


19 May 2017 at 14:20:07 MDT

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Psychedelic, pyschelicious, psychesergal, psychesergalicious~

Painted, Lineless piece of my Sergal, Navy!

This piece has been floating around (literally, apparently!) in sketch form for the longest time! As soon as the painting bug bit me here on deployment, I knew exactly which character I was itching to work on! I really wanted to emphasize how flexible and sort of slinky Navy is, and also how soft and shiny her fur is! Keeps her quite warm during chilly winters in the mountains!

I was initially thinking more of a smoky, magical background, but I love space themes too much and then I went wild with the colors! Which was also great fun, too, experimenting with how the colors reflect on her fur!

Artwork & Navy (c) myself, TwilightSaint - This piece and character depicted are not available for personal or commercial use -

Thanks for checking this fluffy gal out!