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Comish - The Land of Tempests by TwilightSaint

Comish - The Land of Tempests


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Painted (Lineless!) Epic Scene Commission for Kahze of FurAffinity featuring Kahze, the ice dragoness!

Whoooooo, I'm so happy with this piece! I definitely think it's my best painting to date, and I'm thrilled with how the background came out as well! I wanted to show Kahze flying high above - and untouched - by a frigid, unforgiving terrain far below. A bit less welcoming than how floating mountains are most often portrayed.

I also wanted to portray the sheer speed and motion of the dragoness - as though her (and the entire landscape, for that matter,) are leaning into and bracing against the tempestuous, bone-chilling jet stream over the mountains, eroding the mountains into their now slanted, sheer shapes.

Commission Prices & Terms of Service -

Thank you, Kahze!