Sketch Comish - From Darkness by TwilightSaint

Sketch Comish - From Darkness


6 January 2017 at 18:16:56 MST

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Detailed Digital Sketch Commission for HoneyCreeperAngelDragon on FurAffinity featuring Lacuna, the Abyssal Dutch Angel Dragon!

This is one Dutchie who is NOT happy to see you, and don't even think about giving an Abyss Dutch a hug! These Dutchies have succumbed to the darkness and ways of the Abyss, and often have a temperament to match, and Lacuna is no exception.

Completely devoid of color and ghostly in appearance, Lacuna was just a blast to work on! I loved all the intricate little details, and unique shapes they sport. I really had a lot of fun working on the long tufts of hair, making them look more ghoulish and ragged in appearance, not unlike what you'd see on a spectre or reaper...

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Thanks a lot, HoneyCreeper!


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    Really love the look of this one. Great job on the lighting and "ghostly" look!

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    EXCELLENT rendering in the feathers and the fur. great detail!