Personal - Hello World, it is I! by TwilightSaint

Personal - Hello World, it is I!


21 October 2016 at 17:35:05 MDT

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'HELLO world, YES, IT IS I! Your imperator of awesome has arrived!'

Cell-Shaded Bust of Spitfire, my red-tailed hawk Dutchie! He loves making a grand entrance, like what I've captured with this bust of him, hehe.

Spitfire is such a hot-head! He just absolutely loves showing off his stuff, and considering he's the leading fighting-flyer in his squadron, he's able to put on quite a show in the skies. He can often be found on the flight-line, strutting his stuff and barking critiques at the newcomers, whether they asked for his input or not!

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Artwork & Spitfire (c) myself. Thanks for viewing!