Personal - Raze Reference Sheet by TwilightSaint

Personal - Raze Reference Sheet


7 October 2016 at 17:33:47 MDT

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Introducing one of my newer characters, Raze, the dinodog!

Yeeee, my first dinodog! I've always thought these critters were cool, and when I had the perfect combo in mind, I had to design this guy!

Raze here is a hybrid of doberman and deinonychus. He packs the focused, pointedness of the dobie, with the strength and speed of one of the larger raptor species! With a killing claw and bouncy raptor tail to boot~

He really doesn't like fun and games, and takes himself and his job way too seriously. It takes him a long time to forgive, and he's often offended or irritated by little things folks do, but he doesn't show it under his slick, stoic demeanor. However, when he has a major bone to pick with you, watch out for the claws!

This guy is being made into a fullsuit. :>

Raze - Character and Artwork (c) myself, TwilightSaint

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