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Badge Comish - Excalibur by TwilightSaint

Badge Comish - Excalibur


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Soft-Cell Shaded Large Badge Commission for Okami27 featuring the dragoness, Excalibur!

Whooo, I love working on this gal! I've had the pleasure of working on her a couple times previously, all in different shading styles, which is always fun to do when I get to revisit characters! She's so pretty and always fun to work on.
As with a lot of characters I revisit, I like to create a sort of theme across the different pieces! As the last piece I did of this gal was her in the desert, I wanted to show her fiercely braving the growing sandstorm! It's been a while since I've done full scaling, too, and it was soooooo fun to flex those muscles again!

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Thanks again, Okami!


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    Fantastic details love how you executed the blue around the lips and the blue light's reflection on the scales