Comish - Wyrmwood by TwilightSaint

Comish - Wyrmwood


6 June 2016 at 16:42:52 MDT

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Epic Scene Commission for Almonihah over on DeviantArt featuring Almoniha, (upper right,) Zakhin'Dach, (gryphon,) and Garkhen, (lower left,) fending off a wicked dragon from the wood...

Yeeeeeeah, multi-character Epic Scene GO! I was given these awesome characters, some backstory on the land, and info about the demonic creatures within, and this just...totally diabolical dragon immediately came to mind! Composition-wise, I wanted to balance the characters, two flightless and two in-flight, and a outwardly-spiraling action line beginning from the center and expanding outward from the center, where Zakhin'Dach is distracting the beast as Almonihah steadies his bow.

I really wanted the dragon to appear as though he was possibly just part of the forest itself - one could have walked by him until the thorny vines began twisting with a mind all their own. I matched him closely with those vines, that may or may not be reaching out to the characters in flight!

I lovingly dubbed him the 'Voldemort dragon' as I worked on this, haha. And poor Garkhen, down there! Two mouths equals double the trouble, and he's holding fast as the dragon sets the undergrowth alight!

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Thanks a lot, Almonihah!


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    Yeees those double jaws are rad! I love seeing people do those, and they look quite great in your style.
    Excellent positioning of all the characters. Fits the action line pretty well. Nice fire effects too!