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Personal - Chunky Reference Sheet by TwilightSaint

Personal - Chunky Reference Sheet


22 April 2016 at 19:01:28 MDT

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Flat Colored Reference Sheet (equivalent of Build-Your-Town Commission type) for my Macawnivore partial of Chunky!

Hehe, as the watermarked date specifies, I did this piece a good while back! Just goes to show how backlogged I am with uploading personal pieces. Anyway, just one of the many backlogged Ref Sheets I'll be getting around to posting! This guy's design comes from a realistic Macawnivore partial fursuit I own, which in turn was inspired from Chunky from the movie, 'The Croods!'

I looove the concept of combining feline and avian aspects, and Chunky's tropical design is just so gorgeous! I channeled aspects of both the partial and movie-form into this guy's design to create a more realistic critter, especially with his feral form. In keeping with his unique anatomy blend, he has a feathered mane, longer tail for balance, and a bit longer neck for some avian-like motions. Physiologically, I based him off of tigers!

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Thanks for checking him out!