Personal - Shining Smile by TwilightSaint

Personal - Shining Smile


5 April 2016 at 19:59:17 MDT

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I'm back and unpacked and recovering from FWA, (just a little bit of a sore throat from screaming at Floor Wars and the Dance Comp!) and wanted to kick off returning to Commissions with a bit of a warm up on a Cell Shaded Bust of Sniper!

I'd actually done the lines and flats of this before leaving for FWA, so finishing up the shading was a great warm up! I wanted to make this bust a bit reminiscent of a previous Painted (Lineless) roaring bust I've done of this guy, but showing Sniper's softer side with a kind, cute, and slightly derpy smile. He is quite the good-hearted floofy guy. :>

Aaaaaand, ah, feels so good to work on some personal art! flops down on the dance floor

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Sniper the Dutch Angel Dragon - Art & Character (c) myself
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    Sniper gives off a little bit of a parrot or macaw vibe, what with the yellow around his mouth being like a beak, and those lovely blue feathers~
    Though I wouldn't trust him to live up to his namesake XD That coloration isn't gonna hide him very well :P

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      You're right in that he's bird-like! He's actually based off the bird of prey, the American Kestrel. :D