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Comish - Let Me Show You Where I Go by TwilightSaint

Comish - Let Me Show You Where I Go


This is the finished, polished result of my latest YCH Auction Piece held on FurAffinity, and first Your-OC-With-Mine-YCH piece, a Soft-Cell Shaded, Full Background Commission for Kyoko~Chan of FurAffinity, featuring my boy Sniper flying along with her Dutchie, Nameless!

Though the shading was Soft-Cell, I integrated some of my recent techniques I've been using on full Realistic shading to really bring these two into the background! I utilized some extra shading and colouring layers, trying to really focus on the atmosphere of the setting overall - I think it turned out real nice, particularly soft, and really fitting the whole piece!

I've liked Nameless' design for a long while now - light, complimenting colours, and a clean design, it was so fun to get a chance to draw them! I ended up going ALL OUT on this background, let me tell you! XD I was going to go with a rolling-hills-style background, but wasn't feeling the colours, and after a really thrilling over-water flight at sunset, I knew at once the angle I was gonna take with this piece.

I tried some new techniques with the clouds, and they turned out fluffier than ever! I also think they look somewhat painted, as well, with the textures. Also, there are sooo many Easter-Eggs thrown in both the land- and seascapes, heavily inspired by some recent missions. And playing off that, as well as the poses I already had sketched out for Sniper and Nameless, I really feel like it portrays Sniper leading Nameless out on a mission, to show them what it's like what he does, and how beautiful and awesome it can be~

Check my front page for links to Commission Information and availability.

Thanks so much, Kyoko Chan! :>


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    When I look at this, not only am I amazed by how good it looks, I also start hearing lyrics from 'Free and Easy (down the road I go)'
    I think they go together pretty well.

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      Thank you! And cool, I'll go check that out. ^^