Personal - Fursuit Dance Duet to 'I Can't Stop' by TwilightSaint

Personal - Fursuit Dance Duet to 'I Can't Stop'


4 March 2016 at 10:27:44 MST


Happy Fursuit Friday!

Starrik (blue & green space dog on right) and myself as Sarge (black & yellow barkshark on left) dancing a duet to Flux Pavilion's, 'I Can't Stop!'

Have something different this week - how about a dancing duet? :D This is actually the first duet I've ever done, and it was a lot of fun! It was all freestyle for each of us, mainly at the beginning, then we started doing the 'trade-off' sections toward the end, where we each took turns to dance for a bit. Been wanting to dance to this song for a while, and it's one we both knew! A bit different than the trap I'm used to, but still a lot of fun to play around with exaggerated movements. ^^

I'm still a newbie to fursuit dancing - please be nice. :) Any and all constructive criticism is much appreciated!

Sarge is a barkshark fullsuit, owned & performed by myself, TwilightSaint, and made by Keryu/WaterDogWharf.
Starrik owned & performed solely by Starrik.
Video taken by Sekioh of FurAffinity. Editing by myself, TwilightSaint.

Thanks for watching!