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Personal - Kalash Ref Sheet by TwilightSaint

Personal - Kalash Ref Sheet


Flat-Coloured Mini Reference Sheet for the debut of my new character, Kalash!

I've been chomping at the bit do create a few of my own military-themed designs, and what better to start with than my favourite firearm? I'll be working on and finishing up an entire 'Wing' of firearm/aircraft/raptor dragons soon, mwahaha!

Anyway, Kalash here could be considered a 'Reservist.' He works off and on with Sniper's Squadron, but more as he's needed than full time. Off duty, he can be found at a range honing his skills or helping to train young recruits.

Design-wise, I wanted to make him more compact than how I did Sniper and Spirit's feral designs. He's shorter and more muscular, able to 'be run over by a tank and still get up and fight,' much like his namesake. I had a lot of fun incorporating the gunmetal greys and buttstock-brown into his design, as well as adding his red racing stripe, which means quite a few things - straight path of a bullet, (when he flies,) a little nod to his namesake's logo, and also to indicate that he's dangerous! (Similar to poison dart frogs, etc.)

His skin is covered in extremely short, velvety fur that wanes near his extremities, giving way to smooth, metal-like scales. His feathers are for flourish rather than flight, possessing very thin tips to give him a sharper appearance. His main weapon is the sickle on his tail.

I'll eventually add this to an Ultimate Ref of this guy. For now, though, I'm quite satisfied with him being feral. :>

Thanks for checking this guy out!

Character & Art (c) myself, :iconTwilightSaint: - unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.