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Personal - Continuum


3 December 2015 at 18:50:49 MST

'...And when compared to infinity, even one million is no closer...than the number one...' -C. Sagan

A long-postponed posting of a personal Painting (Lineless art, y'all!) of my character, Spirit, the Space Angel Dragon.

As y'all can tell from the watermark, I actually did this piece a while back. This actually happens to be one of the first Paintings I did with my new technique, as well. I very obviously tackle new challenges head-first with big pieces like this, hahaha. More recent works show a better gauge of my current skill.

This piece is a bit more serene than my normal angular, action-based works. I really wanted to capture the softness of Spirit's character and demeanor, as well as take advantage of my Painting technique to accentuate the galactic atmospheric effects. I also wanted to convey vague movement as well with her posture, and by cutting off the frame so we don't actually see all of her character, (atypical of the majority of my full-body works, for those Watchers with keen eyes.)

Inshallah I can keep the watermark small on this piece. Spirit here gets stolen ridiculously frequently. If you see this piece being used on the 'net without proper credit or a link back to this submission or to my profile page, please alert me.

Check my front page for links to Commission Information and availability.

Art & Spirit (c) me - unauthorized use of the artwork and character is strictly prohibited.


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    This is amazing, love the softer style. :P

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    Really nice! It jumps out of the many dozens of submissions that are tiled across my screen. I like the style as well.