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Icon Comish - Stormy Evening by TwilightSaint

Icon Comish - Stormy Evening


Flat Coloured Icon Commission for Yurei_27 of FurAffinity of Ankaru, the storm dragon!

Ankaru's design is so gorgeous! I love the colours and details, and really wanted to show off as many of her features as I could while giving her an expansive stormy background, (as much as I can in the limited canvas of an icon, hehe.) It kind of looks as though she's just about to take off into the storm, leaving more yella-bellied land-lovers behind, hehe. Afraid of a little turbulence, eh?

Check my front page for links to Commission Information and availability.

Thanks, Yurei!


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    Ankh is such a good friend of mine. ^^ You've captured her wonderfully!

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      That's really cool! ^^ Thank you!

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        Yep. ^^ no problem. ^^

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    Woah I love those textures and details.