Personal - Racket, Racket, Racket by TwilightSaint

Personal - Racket, Racket, Racket


9 October 2015 at 17:47:45 MDT

'99, racket, racket, racket! Bearing 173. Request trout!'

Personal Painted Bust of my Angel Dagrum, Sniper, who has some poor soul in his sights.

Sniper may be adorable and fluffy, but he's a big guy, especially in feral form! There is a dragon down there, and he's not afraid to throw his weight around, especially when a blue force is threatened or something is amiss. If a contact rises or displays unusual activity, he's not shy to buster over there and get eyes on it, and possibly SMACK it if need be.

No subsurface entity is safe... hisses

To the art - working on further honing my Painting skills in between some commissions, and especially for my upcoming opening! I tried a much different technique on the fur on this one - kind of combining it with long fur and a feathered sort of look. I much enjoy how spiky his feathered crest is. Still working on adding colours! Getting more natural.

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