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Personal - Crouching Sergal, Hidden... by TwilightSaint

Personal - Crouching Sergal, Hidden...


...Angel Dragon, Sniper?

Awesome shot of my fursuit of Navy taken at a photoshoot over the spring! Navy here happens to be a Northern Sergal. ^^

This is one of my favourite shots from that photoshoot, and I'm looking forward to getting Navy out more once things start to cool down where I'm at! (Dense, black fur and direct sunlight aren't a good mix, haha.) I'm planning some dance videos to show off her articulated tail and detailed features sometime here soon.

Navy is a Sergal fullsuit made by CalicoCougar and LadyShar.
Sergals are by Mick39.
Photo by SmellyGoats.
Navy owned and performed by me.

Thanks for looking! Happy Fursuit Friday!