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Klaora Kirin Rainbow Fullsuit by TwerkOnThatShark

Klaora Kirin Rainbow Fullsuit


21 August 2015 at 13:04:51 MDT

This took far too long for me to finish up. I'm sorry.. ;-;

This absolutely gorgeous girl has a full head of long, luxurious white hair, digitigrade leg padding, plush whiskers, 3-finger hoofpaws, "shiny"-style covered eyes, outdoor feet, moving jaw, following eyes, and a sparkly resin cast horn!

This was truly a labor of love, as every single one of her scales on her body and neck were hand-cut.
But, shoot, I would do it all again to make something half as beautiful as this gal!

There will be a video of this kirin in the coming days.

I hope you love her! I know I do!