Realistic Lugia by Twarda

Realistic Lugia


6 April 2013 at 17:03:51 MDT

*November 2011 - first concepts of realistic Lugia

*February 2012 - first realistic Lugia sketch for Realistic Pokemon series, was left unfinished

*November 2012 - a random drawing

*December 2012 Pokeddex challenge -

*February 2013 - A painting done on Nintendo 3DS

*1st April 2013 - Realistic Lugia was painted.

It took me a while, aye?

YouTube video:

Process as a Tumblr photoset:

It has toothed beak, nostril on top of the head and melon for echolocation. The head fin/horn is moveable, as well as back fins. It is covered partialy with penguin-like plumage and partialy by reptile-ish skin. Obviously, my Lugia is water a creature, the best what it can do in air, is gliding. I don't see Lugia walking on land. As it has Flying typing and it lives deep underwater, I can't image such creature having well developed legs. I wanted to reduce the legs to minimum but I thought it would look ridiculous, at least, so I left those little ones which you can see here. To managing such flesh mass, which are "wings", it needs powerful pectoral muscles. There was an option with its belly like a barel but again, it would look funny. I added tail fin, because of the pokemon's desing. But I think with such big "wings", plesiosaur/turtle-like body and many fins here and there, it could succesfuly live without it.




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    Impressive interpretation!

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    You seem knowledgeable about this so I might as well ask: why do reptiles have membrane inside their mouths, the one like in this picture where half of Lugia's open mouth is obscured by that flap of skin on each side? I've been wondering about it my whole life and could never figure it out.

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      Not sure entirely (I didn't have any reptilian jaw studies, only mammals and fish), but I think it is jaw muscle or jaw connecting ligament. If I find more information about that I'll note you.

      In this picture I just connected the jaws with a tissue to achieve more closed, cheecky-mouth.

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    Now this, so far is my favorite. :D Well done! Keep up the amazing work!